Were you left in the cold?

Is this how it feels when reality settles in? You finally realize he simply does not want you in his life. For days on end, this is what your life looks like to you. Cold, empty, still. The hollow feeling inside brings on low self-esteem, anxiety, and soon depression. Why does everyone else seem to have a quality life? What are you going to do? The kids think it is their fault. Soon, you are their target of hurt and anger.

Yes, there are numerous organizations, books, online groups, bars, churches, etc. that are available to provide support and enable a credible and permanent healing process that will provide strength you will use to handle challenges later on. But they will only work when you are ready.

Are you ready? You might think you are ready. Ready to end this nightmare of pain and isolation. But you aren’t ready until you have totally accepted this reality. Also, reach deep inside and ask yourself if you were really in love or were you addicted? All too often, a person fills a void in our life. We think they complete us. Actually, the void was still there. The void created behavior that slowly over time poisoned the relationship.

In this dark, cold, lonely hour, you must make up your mind to love yourself. It doesn’t hurt to see a counsellor and spill your guts with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Tell yourself you are going to heal and be better than ever.

Then your path to recovery is easy to choose, and very successful.